Research ProjectsResearch Projects

Pain Mechanisms Group
Our goal is to understand mechanisms of pain and establish new therapy for acute and chronic pain patients.

1   Roles of catecholamine in pain modulation system
2   Neuronal circuits of pain perception in spinal cord and brain (in vivo patch clamp technique)
3  Functional and morphological investigations of relation of pain and brain function (with MRI, MEG, EEG, and PET)
4  Evaluation of drug efficacy in patients with EEG, MRI, and reaction to heat stimulation.
5   Drug delivery system for acute and chronic pain patients


Neurophysiology / Cell biology Group

1 The site of action of anesthetic agents in neuron
2 Effects of local anesthetics on regeneration process of axons


Circulation Group

1   Drug metabolism under general anesthesia/ cardiopulmonary bypass
2  Relation of cardiovascular failure, Brain circulation, and drug metabolism
3  New therapy for severe arterial blood flow disorder with combination of peripheral nerve block, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and induction of angiogenesis using growth factor
4   CT-guided nerve block, epiduroscopy